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Why I love Amazon

During the pandemic we’ve all relied very heavily on online delivery companies such as Amazon. Amazon has faced criticism in the press however I absolutely love it because they’ve created an ultra efficient delivery model that truly delivers exceptional customer satisfaction and is constantly focused on improving performance with each and every delivery. Those of you who know me will be aware of Lean principles and how passionate I am about the power of Lean and and how it can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Essentially, Amazon have developed a high successful automated Lean process.

So, how many organisations do you know that:

  1. Conduct their recruitment totally online

  2. Train all Amazon flex partners totally online - there’s no human intervention, just a selection of informative videos.

  3. Operate Lean flow management principles on parcel collection.

  4. Build fantastic apps that control complex operations in a simple way.

  5. Create standard work guidance that works and is tracked.

  6. Provide online real time and historical feedback on delivery accuracy and timing

  7. Make staff feel that they are valued (via the app - there’s no human contact)

  8. Have built a closed loop continuous improvement process into everything that’s done.

Remember, what gets measured, gets done! imagine the number of opportunities for error that exist within a parcel delivery company they’re immense! Yet, Amazon have managed to create an operating model that delivers Six Sigma performance via amazing IT infrastructure. In addition the organisation gives associates the opportunity to work as little or as much as they like. Okay, I’m a process geek, but what’s there not to like from a process perspective?

Lawrie Catt

"Helping ambitious leaders deliver phenomenal transformational improvement"

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