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Why change initiatives fail and what to do about it

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Anecdotally, some 70% of change initiatives fail to succeed or reach their desired objectives.

Some years ago, I was running a Lean Six Sigma training course in Kenya for a Financial Services client when I posted a slide for the group to review. Immediately, one of the senior project managers in attendance announced 'Now, I know why our change initiatives fail!'.

The reasons are very simple, but we unfortunately see them time and time again. UK Government contracts appear to be bedevilled by them. Remember Track and Trace?

There are typically four key reasons why change initiatives fail. I will be talking these through at our upcoming free webinar and discussing how, when coupled with an A3 Lean and Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) approach that the chances of failure can be significantly reduced and radical transformational improvements implemented with the enthusiastic buy-in of empowered teams.

Want to learn more? Contact us or join one of our free events to learn more, but HURRY as spaces are limited.

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