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Get back to the floor to understand what's really going on

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Over the past few weeks I've had a fascinating time going back to the floor for a number of clients in related industries. The experience has been a real eye opener from navigating recruitment processes to understanding how policy does or doesn't transfer to the front line. From being briefed on health and safety policies on day one to seeing them being totally disregarded by management and team members on day two!

Given my Lean background I was particularly fascinated to see the total lack of process waste for client A, a highly successful and profitable international household name, whilst client B demonstrated a total abundance of waste and a total lack of any form of standard work. After working an 8 hour shift I was amazed to find that I had walked some 16.5 kilometres, some 70% of which added little value!

The exercise demonstrated that in many industries despite Covid, that significant opportunity for improvement and saving £'s millions exists. You really can reduce cost, whilst improving customer and staff satisfaction at the same time. Something that we've demonstrated at Skills4Success over many years.

At Skills4Success we're always happy to undertake an efficiency review to quantify the level of operational improvement that can be achieved by training and empowering teams to identify and eradicate waste.

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