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Organisational Transformation Development Programme

In order to support the transformation, a trained team of facilitators will be required who are versed in the key techniques of Lean flow management. Their role will be to ensure that teams running Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) are facilitated and challenged in their review of existing processes.

We typically train staff from your in-house Service Improvement Teams. Conversely, we frequently train individuals who have no previous understanding, but possess the qualities and acumen required to deliver transformational change.

To support this approach we’ve developed a three-day skills development programme. This is designed to equip delegates with the key skills required to drive transformational change.  The programme is highly interactive and has received excellent feedback. The learning provided is evaluated at the end of the course and successful candidates achieving the required pass mark will receive a certificate and have their organisational learning records updated.

Our three day development programme can be administered to support an ongoing organisational transformation or to provide the key skills required for any commercial, public sector or charity wishing to equip their staff with the key skills required to deliver organisational transformational change.  The programme can be undertaken over three days consecutively or alternatively split into modules.

The first two days focus on the following key topics:

Days 1-2

  • Understanding the mechanics of a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE)
  • Starting to apply the A3 improvement methodology to change initiatives
  • Undertaking current state mapping
  • Knowing when to undertake a Value Stream Analysis
  • Appreciating how and when to undertake ideal and future state mapping

The third day treats the following subjects:

Day 3

  • Understanding the principles of ‘Flow’ and ‘Pull’
  • Creating standard work
  • Understanding the importance of Visual Management and 6S
  • How to create Lean Cells
  • Understanding the importance of Information Centres and Mission Control to sustain and deliver enhanced performance

The course is based around an interactive simulation exercise which enables delegates to quickly grasp and apply the key concepts of the principles under discussion. What’s more, it’s great fun!

Feedback from our most recent course indicated that over 75% of delegates had overall satisfaction levels of over 90%. Typical course feedback from Higher Education and NHS delegates shown below:

"I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for the workshop. It was a really enthusing event, and I felt really fortunate to get to take part. The content was really interesting, and the delivery spot on" Kim Eccleston, Senior Assisitant Registrar, University Admissions, University of Warwick

"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable few days. It was incredibly interesting and challenging and I know that I'm going to take all that I learnt back to the office to make some changes. I will also be strongly recommending to people that they get themselves on the list for future cohorts as I think it's something that everyone should undertake" Ben Pithouse, Head of Institutional Resilience, University of Warwick

“Really engaging course – right balance between practical and theory” Vicky Mathwin,  Bradford Teaching Hopitals NHS Foundation Trust                           

“Excellent variety of pertinent information” Deborah Stephenson, Bradford Teaching Hopitals NHS Foundation Trust 

“Excellent teaching methods and exercises gave some really good grounding into preparing and working with an A3 planning document and understanding the value of patient flow and Lean ways of working”  Juliet Crowther, Bradford Teaching Hopitals NHS Foundation Trust 

“The course was really well structured and the content very relevant" Sue Bramley, Bradford Teaching Hopitals NHS Foundation Trust 


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