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/media/pages/library/arrivals-weekend-news-page-pic2.jpgUniversity of Warwick Arrivals weekend - secret to their success.

Arrivals weekend for many Universities will have now come and gone, students will be settled into their accommodation and Arrival Teams all over the country will be breathing a sigh of relief and thinking, “How can we do it better next year?”

Whereas staff at the University of Warwick can give themselves a pat on the back for the second year running after a highly successful and well organised Arrivals Weekend. Just look at the quote from Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Registrar at the University of Warwick.

“Most of this week I have been riding on the high of Arrivals Weekend. Saturday was cold, wet and miserable and the campus was eerily calm. I began to think I had made a mistake and stayed up the wrong weekend. There wasn’t a queue in sight, which I began to find a bit disconcerting, especially given that we were expecting roughly 2,600 new students (on the Saturday alone), plus their parents. I searched high, I searched low but not a queue could I find. I began to wonder whether everyone was to be found in a massive queue in some far-flung corner of campus. I even began to get queue nostalgic. That’s how efficient it was. A fabulous first impression and despite sacrificing their weekends, every member of staff working was cheerful and seemed to be enjoying the smoothness of the operation. Sunday, the campus felt busier and the sun came out but still no queue in sight. And so far, all the feedback I’ve had from Welcome Week is that it too has run smoothly and has been a great success”

After working with us Warwick’s teams are now skilled in Transformational Development and have totally transformed their key processes. Not only in arrivals but also enrolment, contracts and many more using a Lean based improvement methodology. Over the last few years, we’ve trained over 350 delegates in the HE sector alone to apply these approaches with great effect.

Typical results include:

  •        Student application turnaround time reduced from 56 to 8 days, an 86% reduction
  •        Received a THELMA (Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Award)                   for Outstanding Admissions Team
  •        Provided an excellent arrivals experience via a total process re-design
  •        Reduced contracts turn-around time by up to 26%

We have transferred our skills by running improvement events enabling teams to deliver phenomenal results and have typically equipped teams to make substantial changes after just 7 days on site.

If you would like your University to experience the euphoria of a smooth, well run Arrivals Weekend or would benefit from Transformational Development in your University then please get in touch by simply hitting Contact Us You can also register here to receive our free Quarterley Newsletter. Each quarter we share free hints and tips on best practice, advice on cost reduction without redundancy, offer discounts on our courses and much more, so why not register today.

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